Sattvaponics is working on breakthrough ingredient and supply chain solutions for food and Nutraceutical industries. They provide high quality, clean label plant proteins and natural ingredients. Their proprietary crop optimization technique ensures high nutrition value/ bioactive content, thereby increasing the economic value of the crop.

This helps them give a higher than market price to the farmer while also reducing their market risk and increasing their incomes by 1.5x to 1.7x. Their proprietary process innovations help them standardize their raw materials into optimized ingredient solutions for their B2B customers. Their technology helps customers save 15-25% manufacturing costs while meeting stringent regulatory requirements of US, EU, Japan etc.

Ouija Biosolutions

Ouija is an R&D based biotech company working towards developing innovative technologies for sustainable use of bioresources particularly of North East India. Presently, they are working towards developing an innovative fermentation-distillation pipeline for improved production of fragrant agarwood oil, considered the most expensive essential oil in the world. Agarwood formation is confined to the South and Southeast Asia and in India only to northeast and particularly Assam. Agarwood products drive an estimated global market of 6-8 billion USD.
The startup is a recipient of BIRAC BIG and SBIRI, has established the first of its kind laboratory on fermentation-assisted agarwood aromatics. In the immediate future, they intend to market a formulation-based technology for agarwood oil production based on our R&D, and explore other essential oil sources and underutilised bioresources of the northeast region using biotechnology and other emerging technology including AI.


FUMA Labs is using waste materials to develop a solution to the problem of crop burning . They have developed crop-residue based particle boards that can be used in place of plywood. Their first product is particle boards from rice straw held together by a specially created safe glue (not carcinogenic formaldehyde) to make particle boards.


Working on sustainable solutions that can compete with conventional packaging in terms of costs, quality, function and production. They offer tailor-made lightweight bioplastic compounds and 100% biodegradable, water-soluble plastics for serial production with industrial injection molding.

PadCare Labs

PadCare Labs is tackling the problem of menstrual waste management. Sanitary napkins can take up to 800 years to decompose, and is highly hazardous to the environment. The flagship product, sanicure, is an eco-friendly, hygienic and cost-effective sanitary napkin disposal solution that offers women a healthy lifestyle and protects the environment by saving 320 kg Of carbon from getting released per pad. The smokeless product comes with a mechanical shredder and chemical disinfection and waste segregation technology that works to dispose of a sanitary napkin

Rut3 Engineering

Rutthree is a startup that uses engineering principles to make rides safer and more comfortable and efficient. In their prototype Damsus Wheel, the spokes of the wheel are replaced by a new suspension system that provides multi-axis suspension, resulting in better shock absorption during accidents which saves lives, improved comfort level reducing back injury issues, improved vehicle efficiency due to eradication of swing arm assembly, and reduced weight and effort to ride (less pedal effort, petrol, diesel, battery usage) for same distances over uneven terrain.

iMpac Health Tech

iMpac Health Tech aims to solve simple yet complex problems like medication non-adherence and errors when it comes to medication management using key innovative solutions. The proposed innovative solution will target patients who are administered a multiple drug regimen (TB,Dementia,Alzheimer etc). The concept is still at an early phase, but the proposed system will be efficient and user friendly, and will empower hospitals and pharmacies to provide better patient care, and enable the patients to have a better quality of life.


OmniBRx is bioprocess research and engineering company involved in manufacturing of single-use bioreactors (SUB’s) for cell-culture-based bioprocessing applications i.e., vaccines and biologics production. OmniBRx provides innovative and universal bioprocessing solutions for highly efficient and scalable cell-culture-based vaccine manufacturing. The proprietary and unique CellBRx bioreactors offer high density cell culture while operated in semi-continuous or continuous perfusion mode.

The CellBRx single-use bioreactors are the first-of-its-kind perfusion bioreactors that runs on Dynamic-Bed Reactor (DBR) technology and offers ultimate scalability with process efficiency. The CellBRx single-use bioreactors can provide 10X scalability, 6X efficiency and up to 90% cost reduction during upstream manufacturing processing. CellBRx bioreactors are specifically developed to reduce the batch-to-batch bioprocessing variability and minimizing process failures in large scale operations. It’s a fully automated and robust platform for vaccine manufacturing with linear scalability of up to 500L accommodating 4800 m2 of surface area for cell attachment and growth, which is equivalent to 45,714 roller bottles (1050 cm2 each). The CellBRx-Compass bioreactors are the worlds-first bioreactors to grow and recover stem-cells efficiently in high cell density and in low volume with full automation (no manual interventions for cell growth and recovery)

Intessence Solutions

IntEssence Solutions is a life-sciences startup that is engaged in design, development, manufacture and sale of medical implants. The first product that is under development is an ‘Endosseous dental implant’. The novel implant (patent applied) has an engineered external macro form that will help in better ease of entry, resolve occlusal loads optimally, and support in immediate placement and in early to immediate loading. While targeting an improved performance, the implant system is also frugally engineered to ensure that the high-quality product can be manufactured economically with repeatable processes, thus aiding in the improved reach of this superior treatment method for tooth loss to a large section of society.

This technology has secured “BIG” grant from BIRAC. The company is also in the process of developing a full-fledged surgical kit that is required to place the implants, thus making it a provider of complete solutions and reducing dependence on imports.

Connexon Biosolutions

Connexon Biosolutions aims to develop innovative scientific solutions based on Biotechnology tools to solve problems in fields of Agriculture, Food, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics, making technological solutions available to the common man. The company’s first product will be a novel phage resistant starter culture.  Connexon Biosolutions has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) from DBT-BIRAC,GoI.

Prayasta 3D Inventions

Prayasta is a startup focussing on personalization in the healthcare sector, especially soft tissue prostheses like breast. Breast cancer survivors often end up with deformed bodies after mastectomy, which negatively impacts their body image and quality of life. To address the problem, they are developing personalized breast prostheses using silicone additive manufacturing. They have also developed Breast PreSurgical Trainer/Models for training and demonstration of oncoplastic surgeries.

Prayasta got incorporated in late 2017 and their journey began with NIDHI Prayas Grant from the Department of Science and Technology (DST). They are currently funded by the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) from BIRAC and jointly incubated at Venture Center, Pune and VITTBI, Vellore.

Matisoft Cyber Security Labs

Matisoft Cyber Security Labs is one of the first companies in the world to build a patent-pending AI-based cyber antivirus software. The main premise of their technology is to make the software think like a human cyber security expert. The technology replicates the brain of a human cyber security expert & combines it with the computing capacity of the device to make a truly smart engine that intelligently protects the device against virus attacks. This combination is equivalent to several experts themselves monitoring & protecting the computer and provides paramount protection against all types of viruses without the need for any updates.

The benefits include:
(a) accuracy of above 90% (present technology has around 45%)
(b) no need for updates (because of AI)
(c) extremely fast and suitable for Internet of things.

Their technology is among the very few antiviruses in the world to catch the recent Wannacry virus without the need for any updates.

Wissenkraft Labs

Wissenkraft Labs is a start-up focused towards Advanced Materials Technology & Coating Solutions. The company develops and offers
innovative surface coating products for engineering & biomedical applications. The company is currently developing specialized biomedical coatings for achieving superior component and device performances.

Wissenkraft Labs is founded by Dr. Chinmay Khare, a NIDHI-EIR Fellow at Venture Center.


XGro is a young start up founded in 2017 with an aim to expand the scope of Precision Farming in India. With expertise in farming technologies like Aeroponics, hydroponics and vertical farming, Xgro provides modular systems with applications in commercial farming. Their first product, XGrass is a fodder cultivation system for animal husbandry with applications in Dairy farming. The future product pipelines include XGreen which is a modular leafy greens production unit for commercial farming.

Xgro is jointly incubated at SIIC, IIT-Kanpur and Venture Center, and they have received grants and support from the Department of Science and Technology and BIRAC for research purposes. Xgro is founded by Ms. Kavita Ray, who is a NIDHI EIR Fellow at Venture Center.

Intignus Biotech

Intignus Biotech is a biotechnology company that is focused on discovering and developing diagnostic tests for rapid, low-cost, and early detection of human diseases. Their special focus area is maternal and child health care and the timely detection of pregnancy-related disorders. They are currently working on an early screening device for  preeclampsia.

Intignus was founded by Vaishnavi Kulkarni, a NIDHI EIR Fellow at Venture Center.


BMek is an IoT, AI & Big Data Solution Provider having strong experience in End to End Systems Architecture, Design, development. BMek is working in Industrial Automation and Automotive Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Infrastructure, Health-care & Life Science sectors. It has the flexibility to align with the customer’s complex and changing requirements, systems and supports in following phases of product development:

  • Learning, Concept Designing, Idea formation.

  • Proof of Concept and Prototype Development Full life cycle projects

  • System Design, Integration and Testing

  • Deployment and Support

  • Iterations and Optimization

In addition to this, it supports research for developing AI algorithms.

CyCa Oncosolutions

CyCa OncoSolutions  is an early-stage, biotech company working on a unique drug delivery system. Their invention is a molecular nanomachine – CyCa-dds – that can deliver molecular payloads such as small molecules (anticancer drugs, antibiotics, fluorescent dyes) and biomolecules (genes/nucleotides/proteins) into mammalian, bacterial and plant cells. The nanomachine employs a unique mechanism to deliver molecular payloads into living cells without damaging the cells. Currently, they are exploring applications of the new drug delivery system in cancer therapy. In future, the system can be expanded across multiple industries, including :

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Lab Reagents

Cyca Oncosolutions was co-founded by Dr Nusrat Sanghamitra and Valmiki Kempadoo, and has joint operations in Cork, Ireland.

Know more:

Ninsar Agritech

Ninsar Agritech aims to develop technologically advanced, sustainable and diverse solutions for farmers, thereby improving farm productivity. They are currently focused on providing an accurate and timely soil testing service to the farmers, based on which they make crop-specific fertilizer recommendations. They are also in the process of developing a handheld soil testing device, which will provide on-the-spot soil health data to the farmer. Ninsar Agritech Pvt. Ltd. has been co-founded by Dr. Vikram Shete, Dr. Rasika Shete and Dr. Gayatri Gurjar. Vikram is a NIDHI EIR Fellow at Venture Center.



Plezmo is a technology startup that develops software and hardware products for education and maker markets. Plezmo’s mission is to make creating with technology as simple as drawing with crayons! Plezmo is a collection of intelligent wireless devices called Plezmo Elements (buzzers, bulbs, displays, speakers, motion sensors, light sensors, proximity sensors etc) that can be programmed through easy-to-use coding Plezmo Apps.  Plezmo is now being used in Atal Tinkering Labs to help students to learn, play and innovate with technology.  To know more visit:

Plezmo was cofounded by Amol Palshikar and Girish Mujumdar.

FastSense Diagnostics

Fastsense Diagnostics is focused on developing low-cost high efficiency diagnostics devices for complex diseases such as cancer. Their current focus is to develop a hand-held portable electrochemical diagnostic/screening system for liver cancer. Cancer is a complex disease and there is no portable system is available for primary screening or monitoring. The proposed device will be critical in primary screening and monitoring of liver cancer in remote areas or resource-poor regions where even basic heath care facilities are not available. FastSense Diagnostics was founded by Dr. Preeti Joshi. The team has basic expertise in nanotechnology, electrochemistry, biomedical devices and electronics.

Divish Mobility

Divish Mobility was formed in 2018 with a vision of fostering mass adoption of electric mobility in India. They currently offer 2W electric vehicle (EV) users a charged-battery-as-a-service that is enabled by their (patent pending) battery charging hardware technology and an IoT ecosystem. Their battery charging hardware consists of an Internet-connected battery swap station made for India. The swap station is agnostic to battery type and can be monitored and updated remotely. Their hardware and IoT ecosystem combined with a unique retailing model will significantly accelerate the adoption of EVs by reducing the total cost of ownership and provide the convenience and robustness of a petrol pump model.

Divish Mobility was founded by Ashwin Shankar, NIDHI EIR fellow at Venture Center.

Know more:

CQuest BioSolutions

CQuest BioSolutions was formed in 2017 with a focus on improving the quality of life and mitigating the effects of urbanization and pollution, which can lead to cognitive issues, sleep deprivation, respiratory illness and poor quality of life. CQuest BioSolutions aims to tackle this grave problem through two different innovative products.

The first product is OLiv, an indoor air regeneration system that works on the principle of natural, biological removal of air pollutants and conversion of excess carbon dioxide to oxygen. One small OLiv device is equivalent to having 13 indoor plants, making it far more effective than conventional air purifiers, which only remove particulate matter from polluted air.

The second product is an integrated air quality and pollution monitoring system and mobile app. The air sensors available in the market today only detect a few pollutants, are difficult to use and have dubious accuracy. The innovative sensor device tracks all the important air pollutants and via an easy to use mobile app, gives accurate, reliable data regarding their concentrations, ill effects and related health advisory information. The device is completely customizable in terms of functionality and the app will present highly personalized data.

Both the products are undergoing real world testing and will be market ready by early 2019.

Solitarius Biologicals

Solitarius Biologicals is working towards development of biologicals such as diagnostic tests and vaccines using novel as well as established technologies.  Currently, the company is involved in the development of BIRAC funded anti-chikungunya-IgM diagnostic kit. In future, it looks forward to emerging as a quality research and manufacturing company in the field of diagnosis kits and vaccine development.

KBCols Sciences

KBCols Sciences is a technology driven startup in the field of Bioprocess Technology working on industrially important pigments and bioactive compounds. They are currently focused on demonstrating proof of concept for an environment friendly, novel color extraction and dyeing process for producing and applying six microbe-derived colors to three types of fabric (cotton, silk, and wool).

The company is founded and run by Dr. Vaishali M. Kulkarni and ably assisted by Dr. Arjun Singh Bajwa (Alumni of ICT Mumbai). The startup has already received numerous International and national awards for its innovative approach including BEST ABLE 2015, DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2016 , Axis Moves 2017 etc.

MediAsha Technologies

MediAsha Technologies is a healthcare startup focusing on solving unmet needs and bringing forth novel medical devices. The company has developed its first product ‘InstaSplint’, a first-aid device that immobilizes a fractured limb until the person is taken to the hospital. The splint helps in providing rest to the injured area, preventing further displacement of bone fragments and thus protecting the underlying vessels and nerves from the fracture fragments. MediAsha is a recepient of BIRAC’s Biotechnology Ignition Grant among other awards.

MediAsha was founded in February 2018 by Mr. Mayur Sanas who is currently pursuing his PhD from the College of Engineering Pune.

Abel BioSolutions

Abel Biosolutions, formed in August 2010, is a vaccine and bioprocess industry solution provider, and is currently focused on development of preventive & therapeutic health care vaccines and biologics. The major research focus areas are latest generation vaccines and designer biologics for various human and animal infectious diseases caused by bacterial and viral pathogens. ABEL BioSolutions is also targeting a vast market that is emerging as a result of the withdrawal of harmful chemicals and antibiotics in animal agriculture by developing antibiotic replacement therapies.


Kozhnosys is a start-up involved in the development of biomedical devices with the aim of building cost-effective and easy to use medical diagnostic devices using cutting-edge technology. Currently they are developing a routine screening device for cancer. The company is working towards demonstrating proof of concept for a novel molecular-imprinted polymer coated quartz crystal microbalance sensor for rapid breath based routine screening for breast cancer, by identifying elevated concentration of volatile markers in exhaled breath.

InMed Prognostics

In-Med Prognostics brings affordable, accessible, reliable, and data-driven brain health prognostics and diagnostics tools to India and other emerging markets. Their proprietary software, Neuroshield™ integrates MRI images, clinical reports and psychological assessments to produce automated, quantified reports to support the physician’s clinical impression for various neurological disorders and provides a seamless, end-to-end cloud based image analysis platform for clinical and research use. Leveraging state-of-the-art data analytics and deep learning methodologies, they are developing a biomarker algorithm for various neurological disorders starting with paediatric epilepsy and dementia.

Currently, they offer segmentation services and comparative volumetric analysis reports to clinical end-users and research support for clinical imaging based projects for pharma and life sciences customers. Their aim is to build an Indian databank for neurological disorders consisting of complete clinical data including radiology. In-Med was founded by Rajesh Purushottam, Dr. Latha Poonamallee & Dr. Al Curran.


Dzeal is developing indigenous innovations in the field of dentistry.  The products and services that they are developing and intend to develop are:

(a) Rotary Endodontic file in basket form to be used in root canal treatment of teeth.

(b) GumCair: An innovative medical device that will use air/ gas to heal or to prevent the progression or recurrence of gum disease (periodontitis) after primary clinical cure

(c) Healer:  A software that may be combined with hardware to help keep track of disease and prescriptions. The primary aim is to be able to register the incidence of disease pattern and the pattern of drug use geographically. The software can be particularly useful to government agencies in regulating the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and obtaining live data for monitoring the prevalence of disease in a particular area.

(d) Dental Services: DZeal also plans to providing evidence-based dental treatment at affordable rates.  They are currently working from one location in Mumbai, and hope to expand their network in the near future.

Helios IOT

Helios IoT Systems is developing an Integrated Platform for Solar Energy Management, that is suitable for all segments of solar energy – Mini Grids, Roof Tops as wells as solar farm. The platform will provide features such as real-time data monitoring,  KPI dashboards and monitoring, asset & financial management, preventive and correcting maintenance support.

Vidcare Innovations

Vidcare Innovations is a startup trying to re-invent how diagnostics are performed by employing microfluidic principles, to develop an equipment-free, over the counter, quantitative immunoassay testing platform technology. The company, in the long run, envisions to empower people to diagnose for various medical conditions at home, with similar easy to use, rapid diagnostic products. Currently, the company is focused on solutions for maternal and child health, with the first offering being a TSH test for screening of hypothyroidism during pregnancy.

Vidcare Innovations was founded in 2017 by Rohan Aggarwal, who holds a B.Tech in Biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

Revy Environmental Solutions

REVY provides solutions in the field of waste management by improvising the conventional bio-methanation process and producing bio-hydrogen from wastes. The company has developed an innovative technology for the production of Anaerobic Granulated Sludge in a cost effective manner. This solution will help in faster start up and shock load treatment for high rate Anaerobic reactors. Biogas production from vegetable market waste and Kitchen waste is another focus area of REVY.

REVY also provides bio-cultures to enhance the performance of the biological treatment unit of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) for industrial waste containing high amounts of phenol and TDS. The company has the capability to provide treatability protocols for waste water from dairies, distilleries, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizer industries, in addition to complex effluents from Paper mills, Dye and Dye Intermediates, Petrochemicals industries by employing and adopting pre-treatment, advanced anaerobic, aerobic and tertiary treatment methods.

Shapecrunch Technology

Shapecrunch is aiming to reinvent custom foot products with 3D Printing & Shapecrunch‘s Mobile app. It makes 3D models of foot orthotics from photos of feet using computer vision & machine learning. The mobile app eliminates the need for a scanner for doctors and the 3D printing technology lowers the cost, thereby saving time, money, effort and providing consistent quality. The same technology can be used for making prosthetics and even custom footwear too. The technology is being used by 25 clinics in India. Shapecrunch is seed funded, and has been accepted for a SPARSH BIRAC grant.

Ayaas Consultancy Services

Ayaas Consultancy Services is an Engineering Design Analysis Consultancy Company, offering Computer Aided Engineering solutions in the areas of Structural, Thermal, Contact, Vibration, Fluid flow and Mechanism analyses techniques. They also undertake turnkey projects for special product development. Ayaas specialises in the areas of Engineering Design, Analysis, Product Development & Conversion – Modelling.


IPUA Technical Center

The Indian Polyurethane Association (IPUA) set up an IPUA Technical Center in May 2016 to provide technical services and resources to industry members. This virtual center offers various services through a web-based platform, and helps industry members in getting access to testing laboratories, technical experts, test standards as per their requirements. It also provides various resources such as a repository of physical and digital libraries for references, information related to safety-health-environment (SHE), technical newsletters and project reports etc.

The Technical Center also supports IPUA in spreading awareness and promoting usage of polyurethane while upholding the safety, quality and skill development through various training programs and workshops arranged across the regions. It also acts as a bridge between industry and academia to facilitate industry-academia collaborations.

Website :

Ahammune BioSciences

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which white patches appear on the skin due to the death of color-producing cells. This debilitating disease is a cause of immense psychological torment and is considered as a social stigma. At Ahammune, their endeavour is to resolve and treat the long-standing skin depigmentation disorder Vitiligo that has
affected the life of millions of people. They are currently developing new chemical/molecular entities (NCE/NME’s) for stalling the spread of depigmentation in Vitiligo.

Sense It Out Intelligent Solutions

Sense it Out Intelligent Solutions is an Agri-Tech startup with a vision to make technology affordable for farmers and maximize the crop yield.

Sense it Out’s product SICCA (Sensor-based Intelligent Crop Centric Automation) maximizes yield by optimizing the use of water and fertilizers. It is a wireless sensor-based IoT product which automates the Irrigation (Phase-I) & Fertigation (Phase-II) system using agri-research know-how. The Machine Learning algorithms help make intelligent decision-making and thus making the solution crop and farm centric.

The startup is co-founded by an IIT Bombay alumnus, Jasveer Singh and a Nanotechnology expert Dr. Abhay Hake. The startup has been awarded DST’s Nidhi Prayas Grant. They were one of top-20 startups in the Intel & DST’s
Innovate for Digital India Challenge mentored by CIIE – IIM Ahmedabad & UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. The startup is incubated by ICAR – Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi & is also supported by
NASSCOM 10K startups.

More info can be found at and can be reached on email at


Eyedentify is an automotive IoT solutions start-up aimed at ensuring in-vehicle security for drivers and commuters via intelligent features designed to deter offenders and alert authorities in real-time in case of an incident.

The fully customizable system has telecommunication modules and is integrated with panic buttons and a camera, along with microphones and speakers, which enable the passenger or driver to get help when they need it most. If an accident occurs, like a collision or sudden jolt to the vehicle, connection to the control centre for help is automatically established. Similarly, in the case of an incident, the system can be triggered by pressing any of the panic buttons, or even by loud noises being detected in the vehicle. At this point, two-way voice communication will be established and video from the vehicle transmitted to the control centre, to validate the situation and dispatch the appropriate help. Throughout this process, the vehicle will continue to transmit its geographical location in real-time. In a situation where cellular connection is not available, the system uses long distance radio signals to send alerts to nearby  Eyedentify devices.

SYS3E Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Their aim is to accelerate the adoption of various renewable technologies across the world to conserve our environment. Sys3E Technologies is working with a vision to improve lives, protect the environment, and restore ecology with renewable energy innovation.

Their product, SunCaptor aims to lower the cost of energy and address the problem of diminishing margins of solar PV installers by increasing land utilization, reducing installation time & ensuring minimal Operations & Maintenance. SunCaptor is the world’s first solar PV tracker to achieve dual axis motion using a single actuator. It is optimized to give highest power gain with both mono-facial and bi-facial panels at all latitudes. Owing to Sys3E’s innovations, SunCaptor is affordable not only on a utility scale (MWs) but also on a distribution scale (KWs). The startup is co-founded by IIT/NIT alumnus, Dr. Sudhir Muthyala, Mr. Sahil Kala, Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee and Dr. Rajarshi Banerjee.


Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd.

They have developed an “Electric Conversion Kit” to convert conventional cars to run on electric power by replacing their engine. The first application of their technology was on the Maruti Gypsy model, which is used for conducting wild life safaris. Due to the operating conditions prevailing in the forest, these cars consume exceptionally high quantity of fuel, resulting in high levels of pollution in eco-sensitive locations. By converting such cars so that they can run on electricity, both the cost of fuel as well as pollution is reduced.

Adiuvo Diagnostics Private Limited

Early wound assessment and management is very crucial with the rise in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (SSTI), ranging from diabetic foot ulcers, surgical site infections, burns, dermatology skin infections etc. Although it was estimated that an ankle is lost to diabetes somewhere in the world every 30 seconds, a more important fact is that up to 85% of all amputations in diabetes should be preventable. Conventional methods of SSTI monitoring are very ineffective. The problem is further compounded in low resource settings due to lack of quality infrastructure. Adiuvo Diagnostics is developing a non-invasive, portable Skin-Scope device to detect, classify major clinically relevant bacteria and fungus causing the infections in real time, and also access the rate of healing within 2 minutes. This will aid the doctors with early and right treatment protocol.

Innovation Biologicals Private Ltd

Since their incorporation in October 2015, one of IBPL’s major research activity has been the fermentation of the bacterium – Haemophilus influenzae B (HIB) –  for production of extracellular polysaccharide, which is a major constituent of vaccines such as meningococcal vaccine.

They have also been working on two separate projects: The first is a project offered by Dhampur Sugar Mills on membrane cell recycle continuous fermentation of dilute molasses to ethanol. This work is now nearing completion, and is expected to have an impact on  minimizing the effluent of molasses fermentation, which is a priority for improving pollution control in the alcohol distillation industry.

In October 2016, they were also granted a project by SBIRI (BIRAC) for work on the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine using a recombinant yeast for production of Virus like particles (VLPs) that can be used in the manufacture of the quadrivalent vaccine against HPV. This is a dire need of the country as more than 270 million adolescent women/girls are at risk of cervical cancer against which the vaccine works.

BioPrime Agrisolutions Pvt Ltd

BioPrime AgriSolutions Pvt Ltd is using its pioneering, innovative research & products in the areas of  agriculture, horticulture & floriculture. Specifically, they are working on developing technologically advanced, affordable, better products for soil, crop & water management to the farmers, regardless of their farmland size.

The company has been awarded the prestigious Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) from BIRAAC, DBT for developing new solutions in plant breeding. BioPrime’spatented“organo-nano-regulator technology” uses agriculture biologicals to activate/regulate/modulate certain novel targets in plant or pest physiology. Their products combine the precision and rapid action obtained by synthetic/chemical inputs with the goodness of organic products. Their products are aligned with their vision of 100% organic, zero pesticide and zero residue farming.

JBN Enterprises

They manufacture and supply a wide range of cost-effective bio/chemical process equipments and provide consultation  to a wide spectrum of industries such as pharma, food, biotechnology, and membrane R&D/process. Their various services include in-house process/product design, original equipment manufacturing, plant services, process consultation, on-site work, and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

Omix Research and Diagnostics Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

OmiX Labs is developing a platform for cost-effective testing for genetic fingerprint of organisms in clinical and non-clinical samples, outside of laboratory settings. While DNA testing is routinely done in specialized laboratories, this device aims to make the test available at home, in clinics and in diagnostic labs.

This platform has wide applications in

a.Clinical Diagnostics – testing and treatment monitoring of infectious diseases such as malaria, TB, pneumonia, typhoid, sepsis, hepatitis, HIV and antimicrobial resistance.

b.Food Pathogen Testing – Detection of pathogens in milk, meat products and other foods.

c.Water and Environmental Testing – Detection of bacteria in environmental samples.

Green Pyramid Biotech

They are working towards developing a ready-to-use biosurfactant-based formulation, that can successfully aid all household consumers to decontaminate and sanitize their fruits and vegetables before consumption.  This unique 100% organic formulation removes 99% of pesticides, chemicals, toxins, pathogens, germs and other lethal substances. Washing of fruits and vegetables in this formulation has been shown to curtail the shrinking of produce and double the shelf life of products even without refrigeration, which can have a huge market in the rural sector, where the over 70 million households have poor access or no access to electricity.  The unique selling point of their formulation is that it is odorless, tasteless, non oily, non-sticky, retains natural taste and does not require a rewash step in plain water, which not only helps save water but also simplifies the cleaning process for large-scale cleaning operations at distribution and export centers. This product finds application with farmers for exporting their produce free of any chemicals and pesticides and avoid rejection, at hotels, community centers, consumers etc.

Dee Dee Labs

Dee Dee Labs Pvt Ltd, founded in 2016, is a R&D startup company working in the healthcare domain. They are currently working on a non-invasive multigrasp myoelectric prosthetic arm for transradial amputee population in India and the Indian subcontinent.  Their bionic arm technology platform is designed to restore anatomical function, lost by amputation, by using intelligent hardware and algorithms that can respond in a human-like way.

Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt Ltd

Swasti has patented, non toxic, biotechnology products, which empower  farmers to mitigate risk caused by crop diseases. They have develop preventive “vaccines” for plants. Swasti’s three pronged program “BioAvert I” gives preventive solutions in the form of blocking pathogen entry, increasing beneficial microbes and stimulating plant defense mechanism. The “HiFarm” services provide advice based on – Hyper spectral imaging, Field analysis techniques, root zone analysis and microscopy.

Use of Swasti products delivers:

  1. 20 – 40% increase in the yield.
  2. 2X or more price.
  3. Reduction in costs (15 – 35%).
  4. 10 – 100 Times ROI.

Products have been commercialized on over 10,000 acres over 3 years.

WeInnovate Biosolutions

WeInnovate Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd is startup whose mission is to develop affordable and rapid healthcare-therapeutic solutions. Currently, they are developing a formulation for accelerated healing of critical wounds. “HealRap” is their novel product for healing of diabetic foot ulcers. They are also involved in development of diagnostic solutions for antimicrobial susceptibility testing within 1 hour. Their mentors include medical doctors, business strategists, pre-clinical and clinical studies advisors, product building experts.

Tarana Wireless India Pvt Ltd

Tarana Wireless is a USA based company that offers wireless alternative to fiber for residential and enterprise access in both urban and rural areas. The company plans to set up a R&D center in Pune to work on the next generation of their technology which will provide high speed broadband to homes and businesses using non-line-of-sight wireless links in urban areas as well as remote rural areas in India. 

More information about the company:

Econirmitee Infrastructure & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Econirmitee offers sustainable solutions towards waste management at door step by scientifically recycling waste and make their client campuses and customer homes zero garbage generation spaces.

The focus areas for waste management includes construction & demolition waste, floral waste, organic waste, landfill gas and carbon emissions from industries. 

Company website:


Fluorogent Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Fluorogent is a spin-off based on NCL’s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program. The company wishes to develop fluorescence-based reagents and diagnostic kit useful for quantitative detection of biomarkers such as cysteine and homocysteine, and glutathione (GSH), which play essential roles for regulating the redox balance of many biological processes.

Cysteine is a metabolic product of homocysteine and a precursor of the antioxidant GSH. A deficiency of cysteine leads to diseases such as decreased hematopoiesis (creation of new blood cells), leukocyte loss, psoriasis, slowed growth, liver damage, skin lesions, hair depigmentation, edema, and so on. Elevated levels of homocysterine have been recognized as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This is also associated with various diseases or clinical conditions, which include Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, end-stage renal disease, osteoporosis, and type II diabetes.

To elucidate the complicated relationship between Cys, Hcy, and GSH and investigate the function of each biothiol in various physiological processes, the simultaneous quantitative detection of these three biothiols is very necessary.

The company has received  Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI

Avieum Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Avieum Life Sciences aims to develop novel inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa using Fragment based drug discovery approach and by using siderophores as drug delivery agents.

The company also supports global pharmaceutical R&D organizations to accelerate their drug discovery research.
With a proven expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, pre-clinical drug discovery and fragment based drug discovery, the company offer services to support drug discovery from hit identification to lead optimization, custom synthesis, impurity synthesis, reference standards, route scouting and process development.

The company is founded by Dr. Ramesh Kale who did his PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from CSIR-NCL and has  12 years of experience in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and pathogen detection.

Altreal Bioinnovation Pvt Ltd

Altreal Bioinnovation Pvt Ltd is a spin-off based on CSIR-NCL’s capabilities and created under Lab2Mkt program of Venture Center. The aim of the startup is to develop affordable prostheses for rehabilitation for the Indian healthcare mass market. They are developing explant prosthetics  such as nose , ear and eye based on silicone.

The company is a recipient of “Biotechnology Ignition Grant” of DBT-BIRAC, GoI.

Annweshan SciTech Pvt Ltd


Annweshan is a spin-off based on NCL ‘s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program. The company wishes to develop innovative health care & biotech products at affordable costs and commercialize these products. Currently Annweshan is working to develop a metabolite (non-nucleic acid) biomarker based novel TB diagnostic kit for sensitive (can detect MTB missed by smear microscopy), specific (to MTB in sputum samples),  fast, easy, instrument- free, cheap and point-of-care detection of M. tuberculosis bacilli in patient’s sputum as well as severity of disease in patients. The company has received  Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI

Molqbits Sensors and Data Pvt Ltd


The startup is working towards developing a novel pocket scanner based on Raman Spectroscopy for the analysis of food , water and agricultural products. The company has received  Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI

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NobleExchange Environment Solutions Pune LLP


NEX is a provider of integrated environmental solutions with a mission to minimize environmental impact of human activity through managing waste from collection to disposal, while recovering valuable resources and creating clean and renewable energy. NEX specializes in processing of “Organic Food Waste” with cutting edge Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology to generate bio gas rich in methane and CO2, which will be compressed and commercialized to replace fossil fuel. NEX LLP is the subsidiary company of NEX to manage the contract of of processing 500 tons of organic waster per day in Pune.




Jeevtronics is a disruptive cardiac innovation based company dedicated to designing and implementing affordable medical devices for underdeveloped and rural areas. The first product of the company is a novel hand-cranked defibrillator that will deliver a Bi-Phasic shock to teh heart with less than 15 seconds of cranking. The company has received Biotech Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI.


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Genrich Membranes Private Limited

Genrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd., a spin-off company based on proprietary technology from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, uses hollow fiber membrane technology to offer cost-effective solutions for O2 enriched sterile air for medical applications (oxygen therapy) for patients suffering from respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, neonatal, etc.).  The developed membrane-based oxygen enrichment unit elevates the amount of O2 in ambient air to only 35%, thus making it a more energy efficient process compared to existing technologies. Moreover, the current OEU is adaptable to diverse applications (rural health centers, hospitals, home care, ambulance, oxygen booths/spas, etc.). In addition, since there is no fouling, these membrane systems can be expected to have  a long operational life with minimum maintenance. Genrich membranes has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI


Orthocrafts Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Orthocrafts is a spin-off based on NCL ‘s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program. The start-up focuses on the development of high molecular weight polylactic acid based bioabsorbable implants. The company will eventually cater to the sports medicine market of India. Orthocrafts has received  Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI


Abhiruchi Probiotics Pvt. Ltd.


Abhiruchi is a spin-off based on NCL ‘s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program . The company is working towards demonstrating the proof of concept for a novel formulation (patent protected) comprising a strain of Brevibacterium casei AP9 for a probiotic food additive, which will help reduce cholesterol absorption in the GI tract with potential long lasting action (as seen by higher and faster in-vitro Bile Salt Hydrolase(BSH) production than other LABs and as seen by higher adhesion to mucin layer). Abhiruchi has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI

Biolmed Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Biolmed is a spin-off based on NCL ‘s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program. The start-up aim to develop biomedical products for healthcare applications for human bone defects like bony voids, long bone defects and traumatic /surgical osseous defects. The company’s first product will be a osteoconductive bone graft substitute kit based on the silk-fibroin material. Biolmed has received  Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI

BitChem Asphalt Technologies Ltd.


Bitchem Asphalt Technologies Limited is a new-generation road science & technology venture in the country promoted by SM Group. BitChem promotes “Green Roads” philosophy in the roads sector and encourages the use of cold road paving technologies in the country for reducing carbon emissions  and engage in environment-friendly construction practices. The company has been granted exclusive license for “Cold Mix Technology” by CSIR-CRRI. The company is currently working towards being adopted nationally for the green roads mission under Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) for rural road construction in agreement with National Rural Road Development Agency (NRRDA)


VIVIRA Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


VIVIRA is a spin-off based on NCL’s technology. The Start–up plans to develop a novel and patent protected vortex diode based cavitation device (VodCa®) for enhancing  bio-gas yield and throughput of anaerobic digesters. In-particular, prove the concept for biological digesters used in distillery industries (enhance throughput per m3 of digester and gas yield per m3 of spent wash by 20%). The technology has applications in several agri- and marine- biotech industries.


SynThera Biomedical Pvt. Ltd.


SynThera Biomedical focuses on R&D, manufacture and commercialization of biomaterials-based medical devices that combine innovation with affordability. Their R&D expertise lies in the development of bioactive phosphate based glasses for use as synthetic bone graft materials in dental, maxillofacial and orthopaedic  applications. The company has won the “LexInnova-Venture center award for Inventive Enterpsise” an award for free IP services under CSR initiative of Venture Center.

ExoCan Healthcare Technology Pvt. Ltd.


ExoCan is the first exosomes based company in India working in the Oncodiagnostic and Therapeutics space. ExoCan is dedicated to build innovative technology platforms in the frontiers of exosomes research by using their propriety technologies. It aims to translate the clinical potential of these tiny vesicles for better management of cancers by employing cross-disciplinary approaches at the forefront of exosomes research. The company is building up a broad range of biofluids e.g. urine, saliva, blood based platforms suitable to end users and clinicians alike. This platforms offer following advantages over existing exosomes based technologies for cancer diagnosis:
1.Rapid, and sensitive method for enriching exosomes from biofluids
2. Enhanced selectivity of the test
3. High yield and precision
4. Choice based use of technology

The company has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI,  Exocan is founded by Aman Sharma who is persuing his Ph.D from NCCS, Pune



Module Innovations Pvt Ltd.


Module is a spin-off based on NCL ‘s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program. The start-up is developing affordable and innovative diagnostic devices for rapid microbial detection. The company will leverage the platform technology developed at CSIR-NCL Pune to develope quick, colorimetric, portable and reusable biosensor based on nanofibers for E.coli O157:H7 sensing and detection. The team has already demonstrated reversible thermal chromism and solvent chromism in nanofibers of PCDA/PHBV by doping ZnO nanoparticles and Color change by Biotin-Streptavidin interaction in solution phase. The company has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI. They have also been featured at various news media including Economic Times, Times of India and Pixr 8.  Module is founded by two engineers Sachin Dubey and usman Khan both of them holding B.Tech and from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.



NavStik Aotonomous Systems Pvt. Ltd.




NavStik is technology startup working in the space of autonomous systems. The company currently focus on building platform for commercial drone applications like Policing, Arial Delivery, Photography, Arial Sensing , Agriculture, communication, Inspections, Disaster management, mapping survey etc. The company offers a range of products and services that includes both hardware like “NavStik Autopilot & Airframe” and softwares like user app and NavStik SDK. NavStik is founded by Nitin Gupta an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and University of Maryland. The company has raised early seed capital.


Actorious Innovations and Research Pvt. Ltd.


Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd (AIR) is a research and development company focused on creating novel biomaterials that have critical applications in the life science, drug delivery and medical diagnostics field. The company strives to develop in-house platform technologies that will fulfill a current need in medical procedure by improving upon an existing technology or device, or an unmet need that is clearly defined and acknowledged by medical professionals. AIR is founded by Dr. Jayant Khandare who is an NCL alumnus and Ex-Piramal Life Sciences, Dr. Muralidhara Padigaru who is also an ex-Piramal Life Sciences and Ph.D from PGIMER, Chandigarh. The third co-founder of AIR is Arvindan Vasudevan who has Master’s degree in Chemistry and a Certificate in Business Studies (Marketing).
AIR has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant and Small Business Innovation Research Initiative (SBIRI) grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI.


Barefeet Analytics Private Limited


Barefeet is a spin-off based on NCL ‘s technology created under Venture Center’s “Lab2Mkt” program. The company is committed to develop the innovative solutions for cheaper, faster and more efficient screening of residual compounds / contaminants in dairy and agro products.  BareFeet proposes to screen samples for residual compounds / contaminants using MALDI-MS and to screen multiple analytes per samples at extremely reasonable and affordable costs. The company has received  Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI


NobleExchange Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


NEX is a provider of integrated environmental solutions with a mission to minimize environmental impact of human activity through managing waste from collection to disposal, while recovering valuable resources and creating clean and renewable energy. NEX specializes in processing of “Organic Food Waste” with cutting edge Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology to generate bio gas rich in methane and CO2, which will be compressed and commercialized to replace fossil fuel. They have developed a proprietary one-box  biogas technology.
Winnergy Bangalore project: Bangalore Municipal corporation (BBMP) has appointed NEX to design, build and operate a 250TPD of food waste-  compressed bio gas processing plant. Nex has signed a tri-partite agreement with Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association (BBHA) & BBMP to process 250 tons of organic waster per day. Noble Exchange is founded by Nuriel Pezarkar, MBA and Ex-Kimberly Clark India, Shweta Negi- MBA, Ex-Kimberly Clark India and Sumedh Bapat a Mechanical engineer and MBA.


inDNA Research Labs Pvt. Ltd.


inDNA is a genomics driven personalized healthcare company. The company is developing a HIPAA-compliant cloud based automated clinical analysis and annotation pipeline for clinical next generation sequencing (NGS) based genomic tests for diagnosis, prognosis and personalized therapy. This will enable low cost and actionable genomic testing in India.


Helium Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


Helium Consulting is a software services based company for process manufacturing. The company provides optimization, analytics, control and simulation services to process industries like Refineries, Chemicals and Polymers, Pharma, Power and utilities, Metals and Mining. Helium is founded by Indranath Majumdar who is an alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur and IIM. He is also ex-Aspen Technology, Inc.


Periwinkle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Periwnkle Technologies is a platform based company for comprehensive healthcare management through mobile and web based app. Their proprietary app called “Bhramar Health” is an unique healthcare platform.  Periwinkle is founded and run by Koustubh Naik and Veena Moktali. both of the founders hold BE and MS in Engineering Management from San Jose State University. The company is a recipient of SPARSH grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI


Gram Oorja Solutions Private Limited


Gram Oorja fulfils the electricity, cooking and drinking water needs of remote, tribal communities using renewable energy solutions like solar micro-grids, biogas based cooking grids and solar pumps.Gram Oorja has already worked in around 50 tribal villages and impacted more than 2000 households. The company has successfully completed 9 micro-grids, 40 solar drinking water projects and one biogas based cooking grid. Gram Oorja is founded by Anshuman Lath who is an IIMB graduate with 18 years combined experience in rural electrification, banking, software and investment banking and Sameer Nair an IIMB and IIT graduate with 17 years experience working in rural electrification, SMEs, tribal education organisations and investment banking.


Shantani Proteome Analytics Pvt. Ltd.


Founded in 2010, Shantani Proteome Analytics Pvt. Ltd. is a privately-held biotechnology company that provides novel chemical-proteomics based technologies and services to identify & validate drug targets; thus de-risking molecules and supporting crucial GO / NO-GO decisions throughout the drug discovery process. The company has received SPARSH and SBIRI grant by DBT-BIRAC , GoI. The company has also raised early stage seed capital and angel funding.  Shantani is founded by Dr. Chaitanya Saxena who is a seasoned professional and bring successful experience of developing technologies for drug-target deconvolution and drug-target interaction measurements in intact biological systems from his tenure at Eli Lilly & Company. Chaitanya earned a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA.


Sofomo Embedded Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Sofomo Embedded Solutions is an embedded electronics product company with focus on wireless medical electronics. Sofomo’s health outreach offering called Arogya Sakhi is a program for Doorstep Community Health Services through the Mobile Health Worker. Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP), a widely acclaimed NGO running various programs sponsored by USAID, World Bank, DFID, etc partnered with Sofomo to structure the program and adopt it into its agenda for health. Arogya Sakhi received early recognition for its huge potential for social impact in November 2014, when it was awarded the 2014 Mobile For Good Award by the Vodafone Foundation, India.Sofomo’s flagship product is Lifeplot UNIQ is the world’s lightest, handheld and connected fully diagnostic ECG device. It enables rural-urban healthcare connectivity by instantaneously transferring ECG from a remote location to Specialist for diagnosis. UNIQ is a wholly “Made-in-India” product! Sofomo is founded by Gautam Morey who is a first generation entrepreneur and Electronics Engineer from the University of Pune.


Seagull Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd.


Seagull Biosolutions is in to immunotherapies & affordable vaccines. The company is working towards building a technology platform for modern, effective, affordable medicines through disruptive vaccine development technology that produces affordable vaccines rapidly. Their proprietary vaccine development platform is called “eSAME” and “Active Virosomes” technologies. Seagull is founded by Dr. Vishwas Joshi who is an alumnus of IISc , Bangalore and ex-Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. The company has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI, Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, raised seed investment and corporate grant.


GNANLex Hermeneutics Pvt. Ltd.


GNANLex Hermenueticus Pvt. Ltd is a knowledge & technology based firm providing services in intellectual property, regulatory linkages, technology development, licensing & contracts of IP related areas within India and globally. Currently located in Mumbai, GNANLex Hermenueticus Pvt. Ltd is serving the IP needs of Pune by providing services to various organizations in and around Pune. GNANLex is founded by Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair who has 40 years of experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical and chemical industry at different levels and positions and Past-President of Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association.




Embryyo is a medical devices and healthcare solutions based company. They are working for devoloping innovative medical devices like Pill-box for TB drug adherance monitoring, non-invasive billirubin meter for neonatal jaundice, cervical cancer screening, etc for addressing women and maternal health, child health, public health. The company is Bill & melinda gates foundation grantee and winner of Grand challenges in TB control and Global health. Embryyo has also received SPARSH grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI. They are the winner of USAID and “Innovator for Digital India Challenge”. Embryyo is founded by Nishant kumar who is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and Ex-Philips Healthcare


Pratiti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Pratiti is focused on the convergence of technologies such as SMAC, IoT & analytics, and applying this convergence to transform processes and experiences for corporates, consumers and society at large. Initial applications will be in adaptive learning and Industry 4.0. The company proposes to offer IoT (Internet of Things) with focus on industries like bio-tech and manufacturing, product Innovation, user experience and  digitization of corporates.


Nayam Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


Nayam innovations is a biomaterial based company working towards developing novel Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) to provide spectacle-free vision to patients undergoing cataract surgery. The company has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI, and raised seed funding through grant and equity investments. Nayam Innovations is founded by Tanuj Gigras who holds a B.Tech and M.Tech in Engineering Physics from IIT Bombay.