As India’s largest science business incubator, we are helping build a better tomorrow by investing in it. Our portfolio reinforces our commitment to support companies that are developing innovative products with an impact.  From cutting- edge healthcare and diagnostics to consumer products, we are delighted to be involved in the growth of the following portfolio companies.

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Abhiruchi Probiotics (Supported under Lab2Mkt initiative):
A probiotics company whose flagship product is a proprietary cholesterol reducing probiotic formulation. Visit their website

Altreal Bioinnovations (Supported under PoC initiative):
Developing affordable mass-customizable silicone-based prostheses by indigenization of materials, equipment & processes.

Annweshan Scitech (Supported under Lab2Mkt initiative)
Testing a new potentially path-breaking diagnostic technique for point-of-care diagnosis of TB.

Barefeet Analytics (Supported under Lab2Mkt initiative):
Aims to transform how food and beverages are tested for chemicals. They have developed a high throughput method for analysis of pesticides in grapes. Visit their website

Bioprime Agrisolutions: (Supported under BIRAC SEED and BIRAC LEAP):
BioPrime is developing new solutions in plant breeding. Their patented technology uses agriculture biologicals to activate/regulate/modulate certain novel targets in plant or pest physiology. Visit their website

Blackfrog Technologies (Supported under BIRAC SEED):
Developing a portable medical-grade refrigerator for last mile delivery of vaccines, biological samples, breast milk, and other biological samples. Visit their website

DeeDee Labs (Supported under DST NIDHI SSS and POC initiative):
Developing an affordable data-science-driven electronic platform for myoelectric prosthetic limbs. Visit their website

Fluorogent Analytics (Supported under Lab2Mkt initiative):
Focused on developing diagnostic kits for quantitative detection of biomarkers for obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Genrich Membranes (Funded under NSTEDB SSS and Lab2Mkt initiative)
Use novel hollow fiber technology to offer cost-effective solutions for oxygen-enriched sterile air for medical applications. Visit their website

Green Pyramid Biotech (Supported under Lab2Mkt initiative and TDB SSS):
Developing biosurfactant-based products for food disinfection and preservation. Visit their website

Kozhnosys (Funded under BIRAC SEED):
Developing a breath-based diagnostic for early stage detection of breast cancer. Visit their website

Module Innovations (Funded under NSTEDB SSS and Lab2Mkt Initiative)
Developing rapid detection methods for UTI causing pathogens and antibiotic sensitivity. Visit their website

Nayyam Innovations (Funded under TDB SSS and POC initiative):
Aims to provide spectacle free high-quality vision to cataract surgery patients using a novel intra-ocular lens technology. Visit their website

OmniBRx Biotechnologies (Funded under BIRAC LEAP):
Involved in manufacturing of single-use bioreactors (SUB’s) for cell-culture-based bioprocessing applications i.e., vaccines and biologics production. OmniBRx provides innovative and universal bioprocessing solutions for highly efficient and scalable cell-culture-based vaccine manufacturing. Visit their website

Orthocrafts Innovations (Lab2Mkt Initiative & POC Initiative):
A biomedical products company with a focus on synthetic biodegradable, polymeric materials. Visit their website

Ouija Biosolutions (Funded under BIRAC SEED):
Developing innovative technologies for sustainable use of bioresources particularly of North East India. Presently, they are working towards developing an innovative fermentation-distillation pipeline for improved production of fragrant agarwood oil, considered the most expensive essential oil in the world. Visit their website

Padcare Labs (Funded under BIRAC LEAP):
PadCare Labs is tackling the problem of menstrual waste management.They have developed the world’s first smokeless sanitary pad disposal and recycling system, which can prevent 1500 pads a day from reaching landfills. Visit their website

Pragmatech Solutions (Funded under BIRAC Leap):
Developing cervical cancer screening that can be brought to every doorstep, ensuring timely detection for this preventable and curable condition. Visit their website

REVY Environmental Solutions (Funded under BIRAC LEAP)
Their microbial consortium offers cost-effective waste waster treatment and bio-methane production through Anaerobic Digestion. Visit their website

Seagull Biosolutions (Funded TDB SSS)
Building a patent-protected platform that enables faster development of new vaccines for emerging viral diseases. Visit their website

Serigen Mediproducts: (Lab2Mkt Initiative & POC Initiative)
Develop and sell biomedical products based on silk fibroin. Looking for funds to conduct advanced preclinical trials and exploratory clinical investigations. Visit their website

Sensivision Health Technologies (Funded under NIDHI SSS)
Developing a patented and first-of-its-kind integrated device to predict, monitor and treat Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) in new-borns. Visit their website

Shantani: (Funded under TDB SSS)
Aims to use a proprietary proteomics-based platform to identify well-differentiated, clinically relevant, new drug targets and develop new chemical entities (NCEs). Visit their website

Spotsense (Funded under BIRAC LEAP):
Offers the only bedside diagnostics assay for salivary monitoring of biomarkers which can help diagnose neonatal sepsis, assess its severity, and guide antimicrobial treatment. Visit their website

SynThera Biomedical (Funded under BIRAC SEED and POC initiative):
Focused on R&D, manufacture, and commercialization of proprietary IP-driven bioactive glass products that aid in bone and tooth repair. Visit the website

Vidcare Innovations (Funded under BIRAC SEED and POC inititative)
Vidcare is developing a TSH test for screening of hypothyroidism during pregnancy. Visit their website

WeInnovate Biosolutions: (Funded under NSTEDB SSS)
WeInnovate has developed a urinary catheter designed to reduce the incidences of Catheter-associated UTIs in patients. Their SilvoGuard antimicrobial Foley catheters are made antimicrobial using a patented NanoAgCide technology, comprising of active Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles. Visit their website

Zeroplast Labs (Supported under the Lab2Mkt initiative)
Working on sustainable solutions that can compete with conventional packaging in terms of costs, quality, function and production. They offer tailor-made lightweight bioplastic compounds and 100% biodegradable, water-soluble plastics. Visit their website

Rechargion Energy (Lab2Mkt Spin Off)
Rechargion Energy is undertaking research, development and manufacture of next generation sodium-ion batterie. The company is also developing Lithium-Sulphur batteries which have a potential for 3-5 fold improved energy density over Li-ion technologies at an acceptable weight. Visit their website

Utopic Tech (Funded under DST NIDHI – Seed Support Scheme)
Utopic tech is focused on bringing world class diagnostics to the remotest parts of India. They are currently developing a revolutionary point of care device for kidney function testing, which can help diagnose and monitor kidney disease quickly through a finger prick sample. Visit their website

Fastsense Innovations (Funded under BIRAC SEED Fund)
Fastsense is developing a portable, easily usable device to provide rapid results at affordable cost. Using just a drop of blood, their diagnostic device is expected to identify the stage of cancer, the possibility of cancer onset and monitor patient treatment. Visit their website

Divish Mobility (Funded under NIDHI Seed Support Scheme)
Divish Mobility (BatteryPool) is driving the adoption of electric 2 wheelers by offering Battery Swapping as a charging solution for EV fleets. The swap stations can be customized and BatteryPool swap station functionalities are accessible via easy-to-use APIs that can integrate with in-house fleet/ operations applications. Visit their website

SH Forhealth Solutions (Funded under BIRAC SEED Fund)
The company intends to transform the physical rehabilitation and fitness sector by developing robotic assistive technologies. It is developing an intelligent lower limb robotic device that learns & takes over all the repetitive exercises performed by a physiotherapist on a patient. Visit their website

JyoshAI Solutions (Funded under BIRAC SEED Fund)
JyoSH AI is developing an Integrated Agriculture Robot™ which is expected to automate cotton crop cultivation activities like seed sowing, weed detection and removal, crop monitoring and cotton picking, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Visit their website

Pankhtech India (Funded under BIRAC LEAP Fund)
Neuphony is developing an EEG head band which is expected to sense the brain wave pattern and transmit it to a mobile app. After connecting the device and attaching the sensors properly, the application creates a brain map. Visit their website

Denovo Bioinnovations (Funded under BIRAC LEAP Fund)
Denovo is a clinician led, deep-tech, R&D-driven surgical instrument startup currently focused on solutions for minimally invasive surgeries. The vision of the startup is to empower surgeons with advanced  surgical instruments to deliver exceptional outcomes for patients. Visit their website

Wissenkraft Labs (Funded under BIRAC SEED Fund)
Wissenkraft Labs is developing Ha and Ti coatings for bone implants. These are novel orthopedic implant coating to eliminate the risk of early revision surgeries. Wissenkraft develops and offers innovative surface coating products for biomedical industry. Presently, the company emphasizes on developing & commercializing specialized coating to enhance the functional performance of orthopedic joint replacement implants

Neuranics Labs (Funded under BIRAC LEAP Fund)
Neuranics Labs is developing diagnostic medical devices initially focused on providing a quick CBC test using microfluidic kit, point of care blood analyzer and AI assistance. This is intended to provide a visual reporting system for blood in 10 minutes. Visit their website

EyeROV Technologies (Funded under DST’s NIDHI Seed Support Scheme)
EyeROV is a marine robotics startup that is developing underwater drones/remotely-operated vehicles for defence, research, and disaster management organisations and also provides underwater inspection services using underwater robots/ROV to dams, bridges, oil and gas, ports and shipping sectors. Visit their website

Anatomech (Funded under DST’s NIDHI Seed Support Scheme)
Anatomech is India’s 1st and among the world’s top 5 to extend Wearable Technology beyond monitoring and sensing. They make smart bionic technology for wearable devices to manage Chronic swelling and pain in the limbs due to underlying health conditions and also for sports rehabilitation by applying healthy pre-calibrated pressures to the limbs. Their pilot product is a medical device for Lymphedema, a chronic swelling accompanied with excruciating pain, affecting cancer survivors. Visit their website

Intignus Biotech (Funded under BIRAC LEAP Fund)
Intignus Biotech is developing simple and accessible solutions in the area of maternal and child health care. They have developed a test platform with a rapid turnaround time, low cost, minimal infrastructure and manpower – suited for use anywhere. Their first product is focused on addressing the unmet need of early diagnosis of pregnancy-related disorders, specifically preeclampsia and premature labour – which are the two major issues expecting mothers and their unborn children encounter. Visit their website

Aamikza Biotechnology (Funder under Start Up India Seed Fund Scheme)
Aamikza Biotechnology addresses the bacteriophage problem in fermented milk products like Dahi/curd,
Cheese, Lassi, Buttermilk on ongoing batch production faced by the Dairy industry in India. The company is set to have bacteriophage resistant dairy starter cultures which can gives consistent quality without culture rotation. Due to lack of robust and affordable technology availability, India do not have competitive culture manufacturers.

Hydrovert Energy (Funder under Start Up India Seed Fund Scheme)
Hydrovert is working on solutions in the area of clean energy that will offer a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuel-powered solutions. They are developing hydrogen powered drive trains ideal for use in 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, boats and for stationary power generation. Visit their website

Ira Medical Technologies (Funder under Start Up India Seed Fund Scheme)
The company is working on a patented intra-oral device for patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

Sorting Swans Ecosocial (Funder under Start Up India Seed Fund Scheme)
The company is working to solve the water, food, soil and air contamination caused by waste dry cell batteries. The startup is working on dry cell recycling and metal extraction technology.

Accensible Solutions (Funder under Start Up India Seed Fund Scheme)
Accensible Solutions is building “Digital Rehabilitation Platform”, a cloud-based solution that leverages a large repository of auditory stimulus. It empowers Audiologists and Special Educators to create highly customized end-to-end rehabilitation & training programs as per the patient’s varying hearing evaluation, diagnostic outcomes, demographic needs (language, age, context, etc.) and their response to the program. Visit their website