CQuest BioSolutions was formed in 2017 with a focus on improving the quality of life and mitigating the effects of urbanization and pollution, which can lead to cognitive issues, sleep deprivation, respiratory illness and poor quality of life. CQuest BioSolutions aims to tackle this grave problem through two different innovative products.

The first product is OLiv, an indoor air regeneration system that works on the principle of natural, biological removal of air pollutants and conversion of excess carbon dioxide to oxygen. One small OLiv device is equivalent to having 13 indoor plants, making it far more effective than conventional air purifiers, which only remove particulate matter from polluted air.

The second product is an integrated air quality and pollution monitoring system and mobile app. The air sensors available in the market today only detect a few pollutants, are difficult to use and have dubious accuracy. The innovative sensor device tracks all the important air pollutants and via an easy to use mobile app, gives accurate, reliable data regarding their concentrations, ill effects and related health advisory information. The device is completely customizable in terms of functionality and the app will present highly personalized data.

Both the products are undergoing real world testing and will be market ready by early 2019.