Ouija is an R&D based biotech company working towards developing innovative technologies for sustainable use of bioresources particularly of North East India. Presently, they are working towards developing an innovative fermentation-distillation pipeline for improved production of fragrant agarwood oil, considered the most expensive essential oil in the world.

Agarwood formation is confined to the South and Southeast Asia and in India only to northeast and particularly Assam. Agarwood products drive an estimated global market of 6-8 billion USD.

The startup is a recipient of BIRAC BIG and SBIRI, has established the first of its kind laboratory on fermentation-assisted agarwood aromatics. In the immediate future, they intend to market a formulation-based technology for agarwood oil production based on our R&D, and explore other essential oil sources and underutilised bioresources of the northeast region using biotechnology and other emerging technology including AI.

Website: https://ouijabio.co.in/