OmniBRx is bioprocess research and engineering company involved in manufacturing of single-use bioreactors (SUB’s) for cell-culture-based bioprocessing applications i.e., vaccines and biologics production. OmniBRx provides innovative and universal bioprocessing solutions for highly efficient and scalable cell-culture-based vaccine manufacturing. The proprietary and unique CellBRx bioreactors offer high density cell culture while operated in semi-continuous or continuous perfusion mode.

The CellBRx single-use bioreactors are the first-of-its-kind perfusion bioreactors that runs on Dynamic-Bed Reactor (DBR) technology and offers ultimate scalability with process efficiency. The CellBRx single-use bioreactors can provide 10X scalability, 6X efficiency and up to 90% cost reduction during upstream manufacturing processing. CellBRx bioreactors are specifically developed to reduce the batch-to-batch bioprocessing variability and minimizing process failures in large scale operations. It’s a fully automated and robust platform for vaccine manufacturing with linear scalability of up to 500L accommodating 4800 m2 of surface area for cell attachment and growth, which is equivalent to 45,714 roller bottles (1050 cm2 each). The CellBRx-Compass bioreactors are the worlds-first bioreactors to grow and recover stem-cells efficiently in high cell density and in low volume with full automation (no manual interventions for cell growth and recovery)