Their aim is to accelerate the adoption of various renewable technologies across the world to conserve our environment. Sys3E Technologies is working with a vision to improve lives, protect the environment, and restore ecology with renewable energy innovation.

Their product, SunCaptor aims to lower the cost of energy and address the problem of diminishing margins of solar PV installers by increasing land utilization, reducing installation time & ensuring minimal Operations & Maintenance. SunCaptor is the world’s first solar PV tracker to achieve dual axis motion using a single actuator. It is optimized to give highest power gain with both mono-facial and bi-facial panels at all latitudes. Owing to Sys3E’s innovations, SunCaptor is affordable not only on a utility scale (MWs) but also on a distribution scale (KWs). The startup is co-founded by IIT/NIT alumnus, Dr. Sudhir Muthyala, Mr. Sahil Kala, Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee and Dr. Rajarshi Banerjee.