Matisoft Cyber Security Labs is one of the first companies in the world to build a patent-pending AI-based cyber antivirus software. The main premise of their technology is to make the software think like a human cyber security expert. The technology replicates the brain of a human cyber security expert & combines it with the computing capacity of the device to make a truly smart engine that intelligently protects the device against virus attacks. This combination is equivalent to several experts themselves monitoring & protecting the computer and provides paramount protection against all types of viruses without the need for any updates.

The benefits include:
(a) accuracy of above 90% (present technology has around 45%)
(b) no need for updates (because of AI)
(c) extremely fast and suitable for Internet of things.

Their technology is among the very few antiviruses in the world to catch the recent Wannacry virus without the need for any updates.