Genrich Membranes Private Limited

Genrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd., a spin-off company based on proprietary technology from CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, uses hollow fiber membrane technology to offer cost-effective solutions for O2 enriched sterile air for medical applications (oxygen therapy) for patients suffering from respiratory diseases (asthma, COPD, neonatal, etc.).  The developed membrane-based oxygen enrichment unit elevates the amount of O2 in ambient air to only 35%, thus making it a more energy efficient process compared to existing technologies. Moreover, the current OEU is adaptable to diverse applications (rural health centers, hospitals, home care, ambulance, oxygen booths/spas, etc.). In addition, since there is no fouling, these membrane systems can be expected to have  a long operational life with minimum maintenance. Genrich membranes has received Biotechnology Ignition Grant by DBT-BIRAC, GoI


Gram Oorja Solutions Private Limited


Gram Oorja fulfils the electricity, cooking and drinking water needs of remote, tribal communities using renewable energy solutions like solar micro-grids, biogas based cooking grids and solar pumps.Gram Oorja has already worked in around 50 tribal villages and impacted more than 2000 households. The company has successfully completed 9 micro-grids, 40 solar drinking water projects and one biogas based cooking grid. Gram Oorja is founded by Anshuman Lath who is an IIMB graduate with 18 years combined experience in rural electrification, banking, software and investment banking and Sameer Nair an IIMB and IIT graduate with 17 years experience working in rural electrification, SMEs, tribal education organisations and investment banking.


GNANLex Hermeneutics Pvt. Ltd.


GNANLex Hermenueticus Pvt. Ltd is a knowledge & technology based firm providing services in intellectual property, regulatory linkages, technology development, licensing & contracts of IP related areas within India and globally. Currently located in Mumbai, GNANLex Hermenueticus Pvt. Ltd is serving the IP needs of Pune by providing services to various organizations in and around Pune. GNANLex is founded by Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair who has 40 years of experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical and chemical industry at different levels and positions and Past-President of Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association.