FUMA Labs is using waste materials to develop a solution to the problem of crop burning . They have developed crop-residue based particle boards that can be used in place of plywood. Their first product is particle boards from rice straw held together by a specially created safe glue (not carcinogenic formaldehyde) to make particle boards.


Working on sustainable solutions that can compete with conventional packaging in terms of costs, quality, function and production. They offer tailor-made lightweight bioplastic compounds and 100% biodegradable, water-soluble plastics for serial production with industrial injection molding.

PadCare Labs

PadCare Labs is tackling the problem of menstrual waste management. Sanitary napkins can take up to 800 years to decompose, and is highly hazardous to the environment. The flagship product, sanicure, is an eco-friendly, hygienic and cost-effective sanitary napkin disposal solution that offers women a healthy lifestyle and protects the environment by saving 320 kg Of carbon from getting released per pad. The smokeless product comes with a mechanical shredder and chemical disinfection and waste segregation technology that works to dispose of a sanitary napkin

Divish Mobility

Divish Mobility was formed in 2018 with a vision of fostering mass adoption of electric mobility in India. They currently offer 2W electric vehicle (EV) users a charged-battery-as-a-service that is enabled by their (patent pending) battery charging hardware technology and an IoT ecosystem. Their battery charging hardware consists of an Internet-connected battery swap station made for India. The swap station is agnostic to battery type and can be monitored and updated remotely. Their hardware and IoT ecosystem combined with a unique retailing model will significantly accelerate the adoption of EVs by reducing the total cost of ownership and provide the convenience and robustness of a petrol pump model.

Divish Mobility was founded by Ashwin Shankar, NIDHI EIR fellow at Venture Center.

Know more: https://youtu.be/pogtK4KAevg

CQuest BioSolutions

CQuest BioSolutions was formed in 2017 with a focus on improving the quality of life and mitigating the effects of urbanization and pollution, which can lead to cognitive issues, sleep deprivation, respiratory illness and poor quality of life. CQuest BioSolutions aims to tackle this grave problem through two different innovative products.

The first product is OLiv, an indoor air regeneration system that works on the principle of natural, biological removal of air pollutants and conversion of excess carbon dioxide to oxygen. One small OLiv device is equivalent to having 13 indoor plants, making it far more effective than conventional air purifiers, which only remove particulate matter from polluted air.

The second product is an integrated air quality and pollution monitoring system and mobile app. The air sensors available in the market today only detect a few pollutants, are difficult to use and have dubious accuracy. The innovative sensor device tracks all the important air pollutants and via an easy to use mobile app, gives accurate, reliable data regarding their concentrations, ill effects and related health advisory information. The device is completely customizable in terms of functionality and the app will present highly personalized data.

Both the products are undergoing real world testing and will be market ready by early 2019.

KBCols Sciences

KBCols Sciences is a technology driven startup in the field of Bioprocess Technology working on industrially important pigments and bioactive compounds. They are currently focused on demonstrating proof of concept for an environment friendly, novel color extraction and dyeing process for producing and applying six microbe-derived colors to three types of fabric (cotton, silk, and wool).

The company is founded and run by Dr. Vaishali M. Kulkarni and ably assisted by Dr. Arjun Singh Bajwa (Alumni of ICT Mumbai). The startup has already received numerous International and national awards for its innovative approach including BEST ABLE 2015, DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2016 , Axis Moves 2017 etc.

Helios IOT

Helios IoT Systems is developing an Integrated Platform for Solar Energy Management, that is suitable for all segments of solar energy – Mini Grids, Roof Tops as wells as solar farm. The platform will provide features such as real-time data monitoring,  KPI dashboards and monitoring, asset & financial management, preventive and correcting maintenance support.

Revy Environmental Solutions

REVY provides solutions in the field of waste management by improvising the conventional bio-methanation process and producing bio-hydrogen from wastes. The company has developed an innovative technology for the production of Anaerobic Granulated Sludge in a cost effective manner. This solution will help in faster start up and shock load treatment for high rate Anaerobic reactors. Biogas production from vegetable market waste and Kitchen waste is another focus area of REVY.

REVY also provides bio-cultures to enhance the performance of the biological treatment unit of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) for industrial waste containing high amounts of phenol and TDS. The company has the capability to provide treatability protocols for waste water from dairies, distilleries, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizer industries, in addition to complex effluents from Paper mills, Dye and Dye Intermediates, Petrochemicals industries by employing and adopting pre-treatment, advanced anaerobic, aerobic and tertiary treatment methods.

SYS3E Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Their aim is to accelerate the adoption of various renewable technologies across the world to conserve our environment. Sys3E Technologies is working with a vision to improve lives, protect the environment, and restore ecology with renewable energy innovation.

Their product, SunCaptor aims to lower the cost of energy and address the problem of diminishing margins of solar PV installers by increasing land utilization, reducing installation time & ensuring minimal Operations & Maintenance. SunCaptor is the world’s first solar PV tracker to achieve dual axis motion using a single actuator. It is optimized to give highest power gain with both mono-facial and bi-facial panels at all latitudes. Owing to Sys3E’s innovations, SunCaptor is affordable not only on a utility scale (MWs) but also on a distribution scale (KWs). The startup is co-founded by IIT/NIT alumnus, Dr. Sudhir Muthyala, Mr. Sahil Kala, Dr. Shilowbhadra Banerjee and Dr. Rajarshi Banerjee.


Innovation Biologicals Private Ltd

Since their incorporation in October 2015, one of IBPL’s major research activity has been the fermentation of the bacterium – Haemophilus influenzae B (HIB) –  for production of extracellular polysaccharide, which is a major constituent of vaccines such as meningococcal vaccine.

They have also been working on two separate projects: The first is a project offered by Dhampur Sugar Mills on membrane cell recycle continuous fermentation of dilute molasses to ethanol. This work is now nearing completion, and is expected to have an impact on  minimizing the effluent of molasses fermentation, which is a priority for improving pollution control in the alcohol distillation industry.

In October 2016, they were also granted a project by SBIRI (BIRAC) for work on the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine using a recombinant yeast for production of Virus like particles (VLPs) that can be used in the manufacture of the quadrivalent vaccine against HPV. This is a dire need of the country as more than 270 million adolescent women/girls are at risk of cervical cancer against which the vaccine works.

Econirmitee Infrastructure & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Econirmitee offers sustainable solutions towards waste management at door step by scientifically recycling waste and make their client campuses and customer homes zero garbage generation spaces.

The focus areas for waste management includes construction & demolition waste, floral waste, organic waste, landfill gas and carbon emissions from industries. 

Company website: http://www.econirmitee.in/


NobleExchange Environment Solutions Pune LLP


NEX is a provider of integrated environmental solutions with a mission to minimize environmental impact of human activity through managing waste from collection to disposal, while recovering valuable resources and creating clean and renewable energy. NEX specializes in processing of “Organic Food Waste” with cutting edge Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology to generate bio gas rich in methane and CO2, which will be compressed and commercialized to replace fossil fuel. NEX LLP is the subsidiary company of NEX to manage the contract of of processing 500 tons of organic waster per day in Pune.

Website: http://nobleexchangesolutions.com/

BitChem Asphalt Technologies Ltd.


Bitchem Asphalt Technologies Limited is a new-generation road science & technology venture in the country promoted by SM Group. BitChem promotes “Green Roads” philosophy in the roads sector and encourages the use of cold road paving technologies in the country for reducing carbon emissions  and engage in environment-friendly construction practices. The company has been granted exclusive license for “Cold Mix Technology” by CSIR-CRRI. The company is currently working towards being adopted nationally for the green roads mission under Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) for rural road construction in agreement with National Rural Road Development Agency (NRRDA)

Website: http://www.bitchem.com/

VIVIRA Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


VIVIRA is a spin-off based on NCL’s technology. The Start–up plans to develop a novel and patent protected vortex diode based cavitation device (VodCa®) for enhancing  bio-gas yield and throughput of anaerobic digesters. In-particular, prove the concept for biological digesters used in distillery industries (enhance throughput per m3 of digester and gas yield per m3 of spent wash by 20%). The technology has applications in several agri- and marine- biotech industries.


NobleExchange Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


NEX is a provider of integrated environmental solutions with a mission to minimize environmental impact of human activity through managing waste from collection to disposal, while recovering valuable resources and creating clean and renewable energy. NEX specializes in processing of “Organic Food Waste” with cutting edge Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology to generate bio gas rich in methane and CO2, which will be compressed and commercialized to replace fossil fuel. They have developed a proprietary one-box  biogas technology.
Winnergy Bangalore project: Bangalore Municipal corporation (BBMP) has appointed NEX to design, build and operate a 250TPD of food waste-  compressed bio gas processing plant. Nex has signed a tri-partite agreement with Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association (BBHA) & BBMP to process 250 tons of organic waster per day. Noble Exchange is founded by Nuriel Pezarkar, MBA and Ex-Kimberly Clark India, Shweta Negi- MBA, Ex-Kimberly Clark India and Sumedh Bapat a Mechanical engineer and MBA.

Website: http://nobleexchangesolutions.com/